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This document is a comparative study of different methods you can employ to manage your IT infrastructure. For the purpose of comparison, we look at three different options in which you can manage your IT infrastructure, manage it yourself (Self-managed), manage through an IT support vendor charging you on a "Time and Material" basis or you can rely on ASK Total Care. The document discusses various facts related to achievable hard dollar savings and soft ROI benefits for each option. Below you will find a detailed analysis of the options available to you:
Estimated Return on Investments
  Self Managed ASK Total Care Unlimited
Recurring Costs Cost Per Seat Yearly Cost Monthly Cost Yearly Cost
ASK Total Care:        
IT Staff Cost:        
Outside Staff Cost:        
Anti-Virus Licensing:        
Anti-Malware Licensing:        
Updates to AV, AM and Windows:        
Spam Filtering:        
Web Content Filtering:        
VCIO Services (per hour):        
Travel Charges (Based on 4 service calls per year):        
LogMeIn Pro (Remote Access):        
Total Recurring Costs:        
One Time Costs  
IT Management System and Hardware:   $10,000    
Staff Training:   $2,500    
Setup Costs:       $2,500
Total One Time Costs:   $12,500   $2,500
Self-managed: Consider a case in which you decide to manage your IT network by hiring your own full-time staff. In Michigan, the average salary for an IT worker is $73,000. Additional costs for staff including benefits, sick and vacation leave plus 7.5% payroll tax is about $12,975. Furthermore, you will need to purchase an IT management system for system monitoring, backup alerts and required hardware; we will assume a one-time cost $10,000. Staff training on the management software would cost you $2,500 more. This is a fully-burdend cost of having a full-time employee on staff to manage the IT infrastructure.
IT support on Time & Material basis: Suppose you decide on a third-party vendor to manage your IT infrastructure on a Time & Material basis. They would charge you approximately $100 per hour with an average call time of 1.5 hr per call and $50 towards travel charges. Assuming one call logged per server per month, a total of eight calls for workstations per month and an additional two calls per month to attend to problems related to Firewall, Switches and Network Printers. You end up spending $2600/month or $31,200 annually on this option. In this model, on an average 40% of the IT issues are managed by the vendor, the balance being handled by end users themselves. You would still need to maintain at least one full time in house IT staff person. As described above, this will add another $74,975 annually. You will still need an in house IT management systems which cost $12,500 one time. Your total spending is $106,175 annually and $12,500 one time.
ASK Total Care: ASK Total Care includes proactive monitoring of all your servers, network devices and workstations. It carries out preventive maintenance on all devices to maintain optimal performance. End-users can call a toll-free number to inform us of their day-to-day operational issues, which would be attended to by our expert help desk staff. The average ASK price for the full Total Care package is $55 per month per Desktop and $250 per month per Server or Network Device. This would bring our annual charges for the example above to $60,000. Loss of productivity is computed at $35 per hour per employee.
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